Our goal at Zeroichi is to bring our customer's vision to life through system, web, app development and design.

  • system development システム開発

    system development

    We are flexible and use suitable languages and environments to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it be a new project, improvements or extensions, or middleware, we will create the best system possible.

  • web development WEB制作・開発

    web system development

    From corporate to shopping sites as well as administration and membership services, we will build you a site that will help you reach your business goals.

  • app development アプリ正確・開発

    application development

    We do iOS and android app development. Whether it is a simple webview application, a game, a shopping service, or a POS app, feel free to make an inquiry.

  • reasearch and delopment 研究開発

    research & development

    We pride ourselves on our ability to create systems and services which do not yet exist. We offer our services not only for new system R&D, but for existing systems as well.

  • デザイン design


    Our portfolio covers many different fields such as advertisements, magazines, websites, apps, fonts, characters, logos, packaging, novelties, and car decals. We design with versatility in mind.

  • marketing マーケティング


    Your one stop source for analytics, problem solving, AB tests, and advertisement campaigns. Through repeating PDCA, our mission is to find a winning solution for your company and increase your profits.

  • photography 撮影


    Whether it be for the web, a magazine, or an ad, we have your needs covered. We have experience in event and wedding photos and setting up an E-commerce photography line and always strive for perfection.

  • qa テスト

    EC/POS/WMS パッケージ

    Select shop one stop package monopos. Inventory management, orders, online shop management, sales, POS app, credit card and shipping etc.

  • Shime²

    ShimeShime is a service to increase efficiency in closing out your month, and allows anyone to easily create estimates, delivery statements, and bills.

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